Zeal Studios Residency Exhibition

‘‘You are always at the beginning & always at the end.’’

Opening 28.03. 18:00 Council+ Rathenower Str. 41, 10559 Berlin 
Opening hours: 28.03. - 13.04. Thursday - Saturday 15:00 - 18:00 

Zeal Studios is a self-initiated studio pivoting around the notion of networked technology in an increasingly fast changing world. The studio has recently been hosting and leading a 4-month residency program for artists working in the realm of post-digital identity systems encompassed by various media landscapes. Amongst others, the residential artists critically engage with the topics of fan- and autofiction, technical imagination and post-historical spiritual practice. We are happy to open our exhibition at Council+ Berlin on March 28. featuring Laura Radzewicz, Lena Peplińska, Lea Dippold, Lisa Dieterle, Veronika Marxer and Vera Frommelt.