Veronika Marxer

Veronika Marxer’s art practice often explores aspects of identity, technology, mythology, and transcendence. V lives and works in Berlin. Often inspired by characters from video games and the clustered online world. She has worked in video and film, in sculptural installation, and in virtual reality.

Zeal Residency Project
“I really get why people on the internet are acting so weird.”

Online, we load our plates with experiences that are hard to chew and digest. It's like being seated at a bizarre feast, the internet as our dining table, with endless candlelight, mashed-up meals, and people we struggle to truly comprehend if they're even there. The fashionable form of posting our online personas oscillates rapidly between serving sincere dishes and absurd appetizers.

Confessionalism became a popular way to construct one’s identity, and the internet was the place to do it. Despite the push for honesty, there's a constant urge to cook up a stylized version of ourselves. So the flavor of half-truths remains, and now that we know the consequences of our sins existing online forever, it’s easy to see why making a myth of yourself feels like the only way forward. These digital rituals guide us through emotional moments, much like sharing a meal. We build protective layers online, like armor made from private ingredients, unknown to others but intimately familiar to us.

The project explores how through this feast, we can ritualize our digital emotional expressions to connect them to the full spectrum of our reality, seeking to integrate our online experiences with our lived lives.
Bon Appétit!