Vera Frommelt

Vera Kamea Frommelt is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Berlin. Their work draws upon a highly personal constellation of memories, stories, everyday observations and objects to investigate experiences of desire, development, belief systems and identity. Employing techniques of distortion they reconfigure and interweave reality and fiction to foreground the uncertainty of truths. By working across media Vera Kamea creates objects and scenes, to operate as ‚states’ of desire to emotionally connect with the viewer’s aspirations or fears.

In their recent body of work, Vera Kamea visually and thematically plays with the aesthetics of toys as a motif to examine the dysfunctional desires of modern life.

Zeal Residency Project
Vera Kameas’s childhood and adolescence have been shaped by many intense hyper-obsessions - desires for belongings to neatly curate and materialize their inner world and identity and create comfort in societal structures that did mostly not line up with their needs. Veras Kamea's residency project explores two specific hyper-obsessions they experienced in the past two decades. A very early one - the desire of wanting to be like Kim Possible to own a Kimmunicator. Later on, their obsessions shifted to to the longing for a Tesla. Both objects promise different ways of societal escape, hope for change and controlled safety bubbles while also materializing different stages of identity development within modern life. The project explores the relationship we have with our desire for possessions and uses them to magnify dysfunctional modern life. It includes sculptural work referencing toy aesthetics.