Lisa Dieterle

Lisa Dieterle (b. Germany) works with the imagination and interpretation of traditional custom rites, rooted in the collective expression of freedom and the release of emotional tension. Her work involves video installations and sculptures that bridge the gap between past and present, all while reflecting on the connection between the body and the expression of inner emotions.

Zeal Residency Project
Inspired by Olivia Laing's exploration of freedom in "Everybody," Lisa's residency project aims to reinterpret Alemannic Fasnacht masks—a tradition symbolising freedom and emotional release. Rooted in the Carnival season's tradition, these masks embody devil and hell characters, challenging societal norms during a period of pleasure and hedonism.

Using references from custom rites, religion, mythology and rave culture, Lisa Dieterle takes a humorous approach to express the body's dual nature regarding freedom with an awareness that the body is both a source of pleasure and pain.