Lea Dippold

Lea Dippold uses methods of remembering, collaborating, sound, writing, and drawing to research pop cultural phenomena and autobiographies. While highlighting the relevance of medial events often ridiculed despite their shaping of sociocultural memories and identities, her work revolves around fandom, aesthetic trends, the glorification of fame, tragedies, illness, death, abuse, loneliness, exploitation, and the interplay of shaping and being shaped.

Zeal Residency Project
As a lonely child, Lea found shelter in pop culture, fandom, niche internet forums, and public figures—who often were famous from a young age—offering a surface for identification and projection.

During the residency, she invites those figures, who were/are her best friends, lovers, and attachment figures, remembering and honoring them while exploring the intricate systems surrounding youth fandom and modes of escapism, obsession, substitution, and the longing for connection. The project includes a play that combines a choir performing pop songs with personal reference points as a lens to scrutinize global phenomena.