The research-based art-duo of Laura Radzewicz and Lena Peplińska is based in Berlin and Poznań. Soaked in the internet culture, we use video and interactive media to form a critical brain, lacking an ego-driven approach. Founded during an unfortunate event of the delayed train to our hometown, our collective is not bound to any specific location or period, nor to specific digital platform. Rooted in leisure time, our newly emerged entity acts as a remedy for the dread of the current times.

Zeal Residency Project
In the reality of multiple hidden systems sneakily taking authoritarian control over our identities, finances, sexuality and free will, one finds a need to regain the lost self-care. However, there is no way out – using technological devices leads us to pass control over our lives to technological giants, but the refusal of digital innovations ends with social ostracism.

Laura and Lena created a character that opposes acceleration guiding the viewer through the series of animated video essays. The genderless narrator embodies the idea of weaponised uselessness against systematic commodification. Parasitising images of corporate mascots, it displaces and also memes the corporate aesthetic in an anti-accelerationist manifesto.

@lenapepl @lauraisapunk