• ZEAL
  • means nurturing great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

  • Art Collective in Progress sparked into existence by Schichtwechsel (Vera & Veronika), to apply for the Erasmus funding. Inviting curators and three talented artists to join us on this creative journey and invest in our shared vision.
  • Berlin based, founded in 2023,  ready to be shaped.


Built on the foundations of experimentation, community, and forging new pathways, 
our collective and residency has the ambition to be an explorative challenger for access to education and industry. 

Creating the chance for us to learn how to build a community and space where you belong.
Zeal Collective is dedicated to crafting a more inclusive art world by nurturing communities and offering resources for career development.


Fostering self-built learning opportunities for young creatives from all backgrounds. 

Inclusivity for all - A community where you belong

This is for those who thrive on self-initiative and feel inspired to drive themselves through collaboration and collective support.



Vera Kamea (board member of Kunstverein Schichtwechsel) graduated with a degree in graphic design from Kingston University London in 2022. Alongside their studies, they pursued a tattooing practice. Moving forward Vera is delving into a new field, combining traditional craftsmanship and digital experimentation by transforming their illustrations into precious wearables and objects.

At the core, Vera draws on a range of personal influences; everyday observations, childhood memories, toys and stories. A fascination with the complex tapestry of their own blurred memories of these subjects has taken over Vera's practice and they have been working on developing more practical skills such as painting and sculpture as a means of self-expression.



Veronika is a digital Designer (BA Graphic Design Kingston School of Art graduate 2020 and board member of Kunstverein Schichtwechsel), interested in exploring the role of technology in our lives and how it shapes our behaviour. Exploring how technology disrupts and reconstructs identities, with a main focus on advocating for a liberating and inclusive approach to gender beyond binary constraints in recent work through creating VR experiences and interactive visuals.

    By working in areas of visual communication and experimental uses of technology, she enjoys a dreamy journey challenging norms and celebrating human-tech synergy. Fostering during this residency a journey into the realm of nature and identity transformation.



Fay is an interdisciplinary curator and artistic director based in Zurich, Switzerland. Her work is grounded in her prior fields of study in Philospohy and Modern Art History (BA at Institute of Philosophy and History, Faculty of Humanities, University of Bern, Switzerland). Her interest has been gravitating more and more towards new media art and its corresponding socio-cultural motions. Next generation approaches to urging socio-political issues, as well as rising online networks of knowledge have been some of her focal points of research for the past two years. In this context, Fay is affiliated with emerging media channels and platforms such as DO NOT RESEARCH. In the meantime, her curatorial work in visual art has been pivotal to several independent time-based projects and galleries such as Mikro Zurich.